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You will be spoilt for choice with a large range of seaside and mountain activities,walks and beaches:

  • Swimming
  • Hiking in the mountains or the beach
  • Explore the surrounding area on foot or by boat
  • Fishing
  • Picnic on the islands
  • The natural beauty of the area is suitable for all those who love nature and want to escape from the city.
  • The many islands in the area offer you infinite options such as swimming in beautiful beaches,picnics or fishing.
  • From Ormos Panagias you can take a daily boat cruise to Mount Athos.
  • The mountain offers exceptional natural freshnessand is perfect for hiking,picnic in places where you can stop to rest next to sources with crystal clear watersand enjoy the panoramic view from the Pyrofylakeio.
  • LOCAL PRODUCTS: Pure olive oil,honey in different varieties,raki with aniseed,fresh fish and seafood(which you can get from local fisherman or the Ormos Panagias.